Make a difference to your life, by caring for someone else’s.

Start a job like no other, become an Adult Social Care Worker in Northumberland.


Make a difference, every day.

Looking for a meaningful career where you’ll be able to make a real difference to people’s lives every single day? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have previous experience, if you’re passionate about helping others, you’re the perfect candidate. There are a lot of different roles available in Adult Social Care, depending on where you’d like to work or what you want to do, and we can help you find the right fit.

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Come down and join us at a time that suits you on the day, have a chat with our Adult Social Care team and get to know how we make a real difference across our communities. 

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What's it like working in care?

There are a wide variety of adult social care roles – you could choose to do anything from supporting someone in a care home with their day-to-day activities, to helping someone with a disability make a home their own. Through support, understanding and teamwork, you’ll be making a real difference to people’s everyday lives.

You’ll support people with social and physical activities that could include:

The benefits of Adult Social Care.

Working in adult social care is not just an emotionally rewarding role, it’s one of the most varied too. Working with a range of people with different care needs means every day is different to the next.

One of the most in-demand and rewarding roles in the UK


The opportunity to train as you learn


On-going career progression and training opportunities


Long-term employment prospects and job security

Making a difference.

If you’re looking for meaningful work where you can make a difference to people’s lives every day, there are a variety of care roles for you. Hear from others working in care and find out how they turned their passion for helping others into a career in care.

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Harry, Support Worker
Harry describes why he loves working in care

Harry, Support Worker

“I wanted to work in care because I love making people smile”

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Trish, Care Worker
Trish describes what care means to her

Trish, Care Worker

“I love to see the people I care for progress and become more independent”

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Marita, Home Care Worker
Marita talks about how she helps others live fulfilling lives

Marita, Home Care Worker

“I enjoy helping others fulfil their daily lives”

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Simon, Care Worker
Simon talks about what drew him to his role as a Care Worker

Simon, Care Worker

“What drew me to the role was the flexibility”


Our values.

Together we are Northumberland County Council. Without our staff, we could not deliver high-quality service to our residents. Our values have been developed for the Council and will help guide us to be efficient, open and work for everyone. They will run through the very core of everything we do and every decision we make.

“If you care about people this is a really good thing to get into. You get to contribute to people’s development but they also teach you things and give a lot back.”



Care Supervisor


Find out our answers to some frequently asked questions.

I’ve never worked in care, is it something I could do?

All you need to ask yourself is – are you interested in working with people and are you a caring and compassionate person.

People join the sector from many different backgrounds; straight from education with classroom tuition but no practical skills; those looking for a second job or career change, people returning to work and/or looking to work around family or other commitments.

It helps if you have any previous experience of caring for adults or children, but this is definitely not essential. A positive attitude and an aspiration to do well are the most important things

I want a career not just a job. Is this a role I can progress in?

Yes – there are lots of ways to develop! This could be specialising in a specific area such as dementia, or becoming a senior care worker, team leader or manager, moving into health and training as a nurse, paramedic or occupational therapist.

I’ve been out of work for a while, does this matter?

No – what you need to be able to show is your commitment to care – it’s about who you are as a person and your values. The induction will cover everything you need to know.

As long as you care about others, you’ll be given the support and training to confidently support people in their own homes.

Working in social care is an opportunity to get back into work with excellent training and support to deliver high levels of care.

I am not sure about the personal care

Supporting people in the community involves a range of services and may include personal care. Some of the best carers thought they couldn’t do it at first. With the right training and support they now can – confidently and with dignity.

I can’t drive, can I still apply?

Depending on the role you are applying for you may need to be able to drive. This could be necessary, for instance, if your work is in a very rural area.

However, there may be opportunities to car share, and sometimes work which is based in a more urban area can be done on foot or via public transport. There are even opportunities to work in a residential setting, where you will be based at one location.

What if I don’t have any experience?

You’ll receive all the training you need to provide the very best care. You’ll have a comprehensive induction working through key skills. On successful completion, you’ll receive the Care Certificate which is recognised across the sector.

What age do you need to be to work in care?

All ages work in care, training and support will be tailored to your individual circumstances.

Does it matter where I live?

No. Many people who work in care work within five miles of their homes but that is by preference not a requirement. We have vacancies now in all areas of Northumberland, so if you can commute to one of those areas, even if you live outside Northumberland, you are eligible.

Do I have to be fully vaccinated?

We would encourage you to have your vaccinations to protect yourself and the people you care for, but it is not a legal requirement.

What is the recruitment time frame?

There are vacancies all the year round. DBS checks can take time, but the employers will let you know the outcome of your application as quickly as they can.